The Andalhuerto Ecological Project in Biocórdoba 2018

Andalhuerto es un proyecto andaluz que promueve el consumo de alimentos ecológicos a través del asesoramiento para la práctica de la horticultura no profesional enfocado en huertos educativos, huertos sociales de autoconsumo y macetohuertos.

<span class='p-name'>The Andalhuerto Ecological Project in Biocórdoba 2018</span>
05 October 2018 | BioCórdoba
The Andalhuerto project of the Agency of Agrarian and Fisheries Management of Andalusia belonging to the Junta de Andalucía (AGAPA) has its space in the Ecomercado of # biocórdoba2018 with the assembly of the instantaneous garden, in collaboration with the CEE Virgen de la Esperanza, in the that you will learn how to create a floor with recycled materials with permaculture techniques or natural agriculture very effective and fun to assemble.

It has not been able to have better premiere than with the students of Acopinb, the Cordovan Association for the integration of Border-line children.

Más información de Andalhuerto in this link.




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