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On 5 and 6 October, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., the Bulevar del Gran Capitán in Córdoba will once again become the meeting point between the inhabitants and visitors of Cordoba and the organic farmers of Andalusia.

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02 October 2018 | BioCórdoba
On 5 and 6 October from 10 am to 9 pm, on the Bulver del Gran Capitán, the Ecomercado of Biocórdoba will offer the inhabitants and visitors of Cordoba the opportunity to get to know the organic farmers of Andalusia, discover organic food and enjoy the tastings and activities that will take place on that date, both for adults and children.

Organic food comes to broaden our sensory experience: gastronomy as an inexhaustible source of pleasure and health with an eye always attentive to the environment. Tasty, healthy and sustainable are values that are fully established in today’s society and build a new concept of quality.


Inauguration of the 2017 edition of the Ecomercado of Biocórdoba



1948 Óleum AOVE Gourmet Ecológico

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Aceites de Cañete

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Aceites Vizcántar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


AguaViento WaterWind

Food Truck



Food and beverages


Biopan de la Subbbética



Bio Vega De Los Ríos



Bodega La Encina



Bodegas Robles

Wine, vermouth, vinegars


Bodegas Tierra Savia



Campo Alcor



La Rentilla

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Cuatro Soles Saludable y Ecológico

Bread, pastries and cakes


El Monumento

Sauces, pâtés and jam


Finca Fuentillezjos



Florentina Cocina



Goup Consulting

Sauces and gazpacho


Hacienda Bolonia



Hermisenda Huerta Natural

Fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants


IDEAS Comercio Justo

Fair Trade and Ecological Food


La Cultivada

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


La Era Ecológica

Food and beverages


La Huerta Lunera

Vegetables, legumes and aloe vera


La Molienda

Canned vegetables


Luque Ecológico

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Monte Robledo Aracena



Patatas Fritas Maribel

Potato chips



Food and beverages


Stevia Del Condado



Terra de La Janda



Lorusso y Sáez

Jam and honey


N.E. Nuevos Espacios

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Oleogaia ecológico

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Quesería de la Sierra Subbética



Salute Vestra

Frutas, hortalizas y frutos secos


Sánchez Fernández de Rute

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Truefoods Ibérica

Juices and purée



Beekeeping and honey

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