Presentation of Biocordoba 2018 at Biofach, the world’s leading organic fair

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Regional Government of Andalusia, Ricardo Domínguez, the President of the Provincial Council of Cordoba, Antonio Ruiz, the Mayoress of Cordoba, Isabel Ambrosio and the President of Ecovalia, Álvaro Barrera, presented Biocordoba 2018 at Biofach, the annual organic fair held in Nuremberg and considered the world’s leading organic fair.

<span class='p-name'>Presentation of Biocordoba 2018 at Biofach, the world’s leading organic fair</span>
15 February 2018 | BioCórdoba
The authorities were received on their arrival in Biofach by Petra Wolff, the manager of the trade fair institution, one of the most important in Germany, and where Biocordoba 2018 is present with a stand.

Biocórdoba 2018 will be held between 4 and 6 October and, in addition to having the leading companies in the sector, will analyse the emerging trends and challenges facing the organic industry.

Isabel Ambrosio stressed that «Biocórdoba has become a city project, in which food has become part of the political agenda, pursuing an expanded quality in which food is no longer only required to be tasty, but also healthy and sustainable». The mayoress reminded the audience that the commitment to Biocórdoba has to do with «this friendly city model, which will allow us to build a more sustainable city for future generations». In her opinion, «we must become the focal point of attraction for the national and southern European organic sector».



For his part, the president of the provincial institution, Antonio Ruiz, said that «the organic food sector has a turnover of 1.5 billion euros in Spain. Andalusia occupies an excellent position in this sector, with almost one million certified hectares», while «Cordoba continues to be the leader in olive groves and organic wine».  In this way, Ruiz has highlighted «the importance» of Biocórdoba, «a trade fair of great relevance and tradition, which this year celebrates its 22nd edition and which we want to promote in order to make it an international reference point».


Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development, Ricardo Domínguez, has opted for a new format that will turn Biocórdoba into a meeting point between Andalusian producers and national and international buyers, as a professional trade fair for the organic sector. «We want to bring Andalusia, leader in organic production with 48% of the certified area in Spain and 7.5% in Europe, closer to national and international buyers through the strengthening of trade missions».


GOAL 20/30

Álvaro Barrera, president of the Asociación Valor Ecológico (Ecovalia), highlighted the optimistic outlook for the organic industry in the coming years, which will contribute to achieving «the 20-30 target, i.e. that by 2030 at least 20% of the shopping basket will be organic food, and that 30% of the country’s useful agricultural land will be certified organic».


Biocórdoba is the meeting place for Andalusian organic food, leader in organic production with 48% of the surface area certified in Spain and 7.5% of the European area. It brings together the main players in the sector to analyse and debate the challenges, emerging trends and challenges. Organize activities and experiences, aimed at all citizens, related to the promotion of a balanced diet for people and the planet; food waste reduction; reuse and recycling; agricultural innovation. In 2018 it reaches its 22th edition as one of the reference events in Spain for organic food.


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